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When you build a website, you need copy describing your products or services, creating a unique user experience, and providing value to visitors. This copy needs to be tailored to your potential website visitors, including the appropriate keywords for the market segment you are targeting, and be SEO optimized. Unless you are a copywriter, you will need a professional to help you with this task to ensure that your website ranks well in search engines and achieves its intended purpose.

You may also consider having a blog on your website or advertising on social media. Your blog articles and ads must also be SEO-optimized, so hiring a copywriter might be a good idea. In addition, using the same copywriter or team of copywriters for your website, blog, and social media, as well as developing a style guide, can help you ensure the overall consistency of your brand copy across all channels.

As your copywriter, I will work closely with your internal or external SEO, or we can work together to determine your SEO strategy and follow the agreed-upon SEO strategy to help you achieve the desired results.

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