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Greek and German cultural expertise

You may want to expand your business and offer your products or services worldwide. You already know that to do so, you may need to modify some of your products or services to fit the culture of specific countries or regions. Have you considered changing your logo or company slogan to make it appropriate for a particular country, region, or culture?

You may be considering starting a business in a foreign country, but you are unsure if the company name and logo you have in mind will work, and you want to ensure that neither has any negative connotations. A language consultant familiar with the business environment and cultural aspects of the country you are interested in is the right person to ask. This professional will review your branding materials, identify any issues, and ensure that your materials are appropriate for use.

In addition, a catchy ad or banner that works in one country may have the opposite effect in another. Be sure to consult a language consultant before making any decisions that impact your corporate identity in other countries.

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