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Modern redesign for improved conversion rates and lower bounce rates

Redesigning a website can be more challenging than creating one from scratch. If you aim to refresh your brand, improve loading speed, enhance user experience, and boost conversions, a new look for your website may be the right solution. However, it’s important to consider retaining specific content and link structure for SEO purposes. This is where a redesign can help.

Redesign or create a new website?

We must consider the necessary changes, available time, and budget to determine the best approach between redesigning or creating a new website. Please use the form at the end of this page to contact me and schedule a meeting to thoroughly assess the situation and evaluate all available options.

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When is a website redesign necessary?

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Consider redesigning your website if any of the following apply:

Dated design

Keeping up with current trends is crucial. If your website is over three years old, it probably needs an update. An outdated website can give the impression that your business is not keeping up with the times. Moreover, visitors may be concerned about the security of their information if your site seems neglected.

Not responsive

Nowadays, many people use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to search for information and make purchases. If your website is not optimized for these devices, the user experience may suffer, leading to low conversion and high bounce rates.

Slow loading

A website can be slow for various reasons, including lack of optimization and heavy content such as images and videos. While most issues can be resolved through website optimization, underlying problems like an outdated page builder may exist. What worked in the past may not be effective today. Since most page builders are incompatible, redesigning with a modern page builder may be the best solution.

Missing elements

Your business requirements may have changed in recent years, and your website may require additional features, such as more elaborate contact forms, downloadable content, online payment solutions, online bookings, or sales, to represent your current business state accurately. While many of these elements can be easily added to an existing website, others may have compatibility issues or not work well with your existing content and features. A redesign may be more suitable than adding a few new elements.


If your brand has undergone significant changes recently, your website must reflect your new identity. While creating a brand-new website is always an option, in some cases, a redesign may suffice. Another scenario is redesigning your existing website until your new website is ready. The extent of the changes and the adaptations required to accurately reflect your corporate identity will determine the best course of action.

What is my redesign process?

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My redesign process is very similar to my website design process. The main difference is that I will conduct a site audit before providing you with a quote to determine the best approach, considering the content and elements you wish to keep on the existing site.

Need more information about a website redesign?

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