Greek and German monolingual editing

Reviewing a translation as a standalone text helps to ensure that it flows well in the target language and is suitable for the intended purpose. Review (monolingual editing) typically follows revision (bilingual editing) and is usually the last step before a translation is delivered to the client unless other work, such as DTP (desktop publishing) or formatting, is required after this stage. Some translation agencies call this stage “signing off” the translation.

As with revision (bilingual editing), clients may skip this step since they are unfamiliar with the many steps involved in the translation process. In any case, it is highly recommended to have a further professional perform a review (monolingual editing) of a translation, especially if the target text could affect the health and safety or reputation of third parties or if it will be published.

A revision will ensure that your translation is flawless and flows as if it were originally written in the target language by a native speaker.

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