Greek and German bilingual editing

A professional translator checks the translation for spelling, grammar, style, tone, and suitability for the intended purpose after translating. Checking one’s own work can be challenging because the brain is already familiar with the content. There are many tools available to identify mistakes, but it is always best to work with a colleague who can offer a fresh perspective and identify any errors that may have been missed.

Clients often overlook the need for translation revision (bilingual editing). They may skip this step because they do not understand the full scope of the translation process. It is critical to have a second professional review a translation, especially if the target text could affect the health and safety of third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, medical records, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, technical documentation, and user manuals. Reviewing texts that could affect an individual’s or company’s reputation is also essential. This includes websites, marketing materials, and published works such as articles, books, and reports.

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