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A set of processes to render source language content into target language content in written form. A translation may refer to formats other than text-based formats (e.g., an audio file, image, etc.).

(Credits: ISO 17100:2015.)


Altering the content of a product, such as a website, computer program, etc., so that it is appropriate to users in a particular country or language group.

(Credits: Oxford Reference.)


A term coined from the words “translation” and “creation” to describe the adaptation of a message from one language to another while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context.

(Credits: Wikipedia.)


The bilingual examination of target language content against source language content for its suitability for the agreed purpose. Synonym:  Bilingual editing.

(Credits: ISO 17100:2015.)


The monolingual examination of target language content for its suitability for the agreed purpose. The term monolingual editing is sometimes used as a synonym for review.

(Credits: ISO 17100:2015.)


Finding and correcting mistakes in the text before it is printed or put online OR finding and correcting errors in copies of printed text before the final copies are printed.

(Credits: Cambridge Dictionary.)


Creating unique, creative, high-quality content for marketing purposes. It aims to improve sales, user experience, and SEO.



Technical writing in a controlled language according to the Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100) Specification.


Checking if a concept (textual, visual, or audiovisual) is appropriate for the target audience’s country, region, or culture.

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