Website Care Plan

Why is a website care plan necessary?

Even if your website is excellent, it needs regular maintenance to stay optimized, fast, and serve its intended purpose. Failure to maintain your website correctly can lead to security risks from outdated themes and plugins, resulting in downtime and potential cybersecurity breaches.

Even if you update everything regularly, your website will require optimization and technical measures to remain fast-loading and error-free, ensuring an excellent user experience.

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What is typically included in a care plan?

Regular website maintenance involves daily uptime and security monitoring, as well as website and database backups. Weekly tasks include theme and plugin updates, malware scans, and visual inspections.

Monthly tasks include monitoring traffic and search engine rankings, cleaning databases, testing loading times, identifying broken links, and investigating search console issues. Additionally, yearly tasks include inspecting the WordPress configuration, updating content, and renewing hosting, domains, and licenses.

Your website maintenance plan may also encompass other elements, such as web hosting, email service, regular content updates, or other audits and optimizations. Each maintenance plan is customized to meet your specific needs.

Frequently asked questions

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I recently had my website designed or redesigned. Is maintenance included in the design or redesign price?

No, unless your contract explicitly specifies a care plan of a specific duration.

Can I contact you for website issues without committing to a website care plan?

Yes, it is possible. However, it is essential to consider that repairing a website can be more expensive than proper and regular maintenance. Paying for repairs or maintenance at my hourly rate may also be more costly than investing in a website care plan.

I would like content to be uploaded frequently. Could you handle the uploads for me?

Sure, I can upload your content to your website daily, weekly, or monthly. I charge hourly for this service, with a minimum charge of half an hour.

What happens if I need additional services?

Additional services can be added to your existing care plan at any time. Our existing contract will simply need to be amended accordingly.

Why does the website care plan require monthly payments?

Website care plan payments are typically made every month. However, you may pay quarterly, biannually, or annually if you prefer a different payment schedule.

Need more information about website care plans?

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